Vibrational Sound Therapy is an ancient holistic treatment for the body, mind, and spirit. Good Vibes Body Tuning Services is on the cutting edge of merging water, vibration, sound, reiki, and bringing it to you with new age delivery. Vibrational Sound Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that may have positive effects to life’s imbalances with limitless possibilities to a higher quality of life.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is being explored as an effective treatment of migraines, constipation, back and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, insomnia, and many other imbalances.

A healthy human body has a frequency that hovers between 62-72 hertz. When your body’s frequency is out of this range, sickness sets in and the body is out of tune. That is where the tuning table comes into play to help get your back to its optimum performance frequency by disrupting the frequencies of sickness while boosting the power zones in the body, called chakras.

What should I expect from a body tuning session?
A session typically lasts 20-30 minutes and there may be some levels of slight discomfort that quickly subsides. You will be lying fully clothed on an aluminum bed that vibrates and resonates healing love frequencies, while the operator of the bed lies underneath to strum the built-in piano wires. Although this therapy is great for most, please check with your doctor to see if this type of therapy is right for you.

Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions are also offered in packages of five and ten sessions. Please contact us for package rates and to book your first appointment.

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