Ronnie George

Ronnie George is a cutting edge health guru who has sought out the purest products for families, friends, and clients. Though state-of-the-art technology, pure organic nutrition, and advanced fitness, Ronnie INSPIRES other people to live their dreams by living a healthy and vibrant life. “I don’t want to see people suffer emotionally, physically, mentally, or live with lack of direction, so I do my best to bring out the best in people and to help them live a long, passionate, and healthy life.” Ronnie’s winning combination of advanced scientific lifestyle products, profound knowledge of living vibrantly, and his enthusiasm for life, has transformed thousands.

Training services:

  • Personal Training with RonnieG (packages available and singles sessions)
  • Senior Fitness Training to build strength and improve balance
  • Power Plate Training – every muscle in the body is activated to maximize results
  • Rehabilitation Fitness – build your strength back after injuries or medical issues